About Us

Showalter Family Dentistry was founded by Dr. Ken Showalter in 1980, when he and his wife moved to Searcy to start a family. Dr. Showalter had practiced dentistry in Jacksonville for five years before moving to Searcy. He proceeded to build a well-respected and successful single doctor practice on Vine Street near Ahlf Junior High School for the next 27 years.

In 2008, Dr. Showalter moved his practice to the newly renovated Beebe-Capps clinic where he now practices. This move was made to accommodate his son, Blake, who was completing his dental education and planning to move back to Searcy. In May 2008, Dr. Blake Showalter and his wife moved to Searcy. Dr. Blake and Dr. Ken have been in practice together at the Beebe Capps location ever since.